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Motogbe helps fund orphanage in Africa

The founder and current executive director of the Eugemot Foundation, Eugenia "Mama" Motogbe, with one of the orphanages younger children.


It was UAH that drew Obed Motogbe to this area.

Originally from Accra, Ghana, Motogbe came here to get his bachelor’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. He is currently working on an MBA. However, one of the most important things he has done while in school and working full-time at VectorPoint Group, Inc.,  (a company he started) was not related to his field of study.

Motogbe found a way to help fund an orphanage which his mother, Eugenia Motogbe, started in 2000.

Many times he watched his mother intervene on behalf of unfortunate children.

“If she saw a child who needed help, she would always find a way to do what needed to be done,” he said. “It has turned out to be her calling in life.”

“I do this for the joy that comes through giving love to the kids that did not have love before. When I see them laughing, playing, generally being happy, it always moves me. I consistently give thanks to God for what He has asked me to do,” says Eugenia Mogogbe.

As the needs of the children grew she eventually reached out to her son and his friends, who attend The Light Church of Christ in Huntsville.

The Light Church of Christ has partnered with Madison Academy to send people and funds to assist in this endeavor. In 2005, through their combined efforts, a team was sent to visit the orphanage in Ghana, where they confirmed the need for financial assistance.

Janet Yeager of Madison recalls the trip, “There was so much poverty, yet the people had these big, incredible smiles. There was such sweetness about them.”

“At the time, Eugenia was caring for 36 children in a three bedroom house,” explained Yeager. “Now there are 50 in the same space.”

“This was a life changing experience for me,” she said softly. “I can’t let it go – it has just wrapped around my heart.”

“It’s much better now. The school is finished, but it is a mile from the house, so there is a huge need for dorms on the school grounds,” she said.

“The school has been very good for them,” said Mogogbe. “ It’s been wonderful for the kids who had only known straw huts. This is a much better environment. “

The Light Church now helps to fund the monthly needs of both the orphanage and the school. Through their efforts, The Eugemot Foundation, named for Eugenia Motogbe, now sits on 28 acres that Eugenia bought prior to starting the orphanage.

Neither the orphanage nor the school has any involvement with the Ghana government.

Each year The Light Church and Madison Academy sends a doctor, teachers, and people to help build, repair and do whatever is necessary in the way of maintenance for the school and orphanage. The next group of volunteers from all walks of life will make the trip May 22 – May, 31.

The team is being organized by Madison Academy President, Dr. Robert Burton, who will be taking 30 students and 10 adults on the upcoming trip. We need people who can tutor the students, as well as day care workers and people who can work with their hands. This trip we will actually be making bricks to use in future projects, such as the dormitory, or a new orphanage to house the growing number of orphans we care for.”

“We need anyone with a heart to serve,” said Motogbe.

To learn more about the Eugemot Foundation, please visit Eugemotfoundation.org/

for the general welfare of each child, the management of the foundation has decided to undertake the SPONSER A CHILD initiative. It is a program that gives philanthropists the opportunity of sponsoring any child at the    . The Home presently has one baby and three toddlers. Much attention is to be given to   of children.



The foundation as part of its program encourages legal adoption.








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