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American Legion releases results of MLB Pitch, Hit & Run

MADISON – Competition officials have released the results of the Major League Baseball or MLB Pitch, Hit & Run contest held on May 18 at Palmer Park.

Madison American Legion, Post 229 sponsored the annual event. Bobby Lee Jr. served as event chair for Madison American Legion.

Age bracket winners were Brody Duvall, baseball, 7/8-year-olds; Jake Emerson, baseball, 9/10-year-olds; Tristan Blalock, baseball, 11/12-year-olds; Cole Spanier, baseball, 13/14-year-olds; and Emma Sterling, softball, 9/10-year-olds.

“Cole Spanier, our 13/14-year-old age group winner, was the repeat winner this year,” Jean Downs said. Downs serves as President of Madison American Legion Auxiliary. “Cole went to the regional competition last year in Alpharetta, Ga.; won that competition; and then went to Atlanta to the MLB World Series to compete. All expenses paid.”

MLB Pitch Hit & Run is the Official Youth Skills Competition of MLB. This free program allows baseball and softball participants the opportunity to advance through three levels of competition culminating at the MLB World Series.

“Members of the Madison American Legion, Post 229 and its Auxiliary are proud to support this program from Major League Baseball. We see this as our way to help promote our Pillar Number 3 of our 4 Pillars of the Legion – Americanism,” Downs said.

“This program allows us to provide a visible presence and demonstrate the giving back facet of our mission in a fun and energetic way. We hope to grow this competition each year to the point where we become an automatic qualifier for our winners,” Downs said.

The following list includes the player’s name and age, along with scores in each category and the player’s total points:

* Jack Wathen, 8 years old – 150, 155, 520, Total 825

* Liam Hill, 7 years old – 50, 180, 540, Total 770

* Grant Waldman, 8 years old — 50, 75, 450, Total 575

* Maddox Frame, 8 years old — 100, 75, 450, Total 625

* Brody Duvall, 8 years old — 150, 500, 520, Total 1170

* Cooper Boothe, 10 years old — 150, 200, 460, Total 810

* Jack Waxmonsky, 10 years old — 0, 195, 540, Total 735

* Daniel Graziano, 10 years old — 0, 140, 480, Total 620

* Jake Emerson, 9 years old — 100, 250, 470, Total 820

* Nolan Boothe, 12 years old — 100, 275, 530, Total 905

* McKinley Allen, 12 years old — 150, 380, 500, Total 1030

* Andrew Holder, 12 years old — 150, 415, 480, Total 1045

* Tristan Blalock, 12 years old — 100, 500, 570, Total 1170

* Ben Roberts, 14 years old — 200, 565, 590, Total 1355

* Cole Spanier, 14 years old — 100, 750, 570, Total 1420

* Connor Streling, 14 years old — 100, 650, 510, Total 1260

* DeJohn Parks, 13 years old — 150, 565, 590, Total 1305

* Emma Streling, 10 years old — 150, 130, 470, Total 750


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