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Brad Jefferson- COVID Survivor: Bob Jones Coach Had Prayers Answered

MADISON- Brad Jefferson is a COVID survivor. The 18-year veteran coach in the Madison City Schools is currently the head coach of the Bob Jones ... Read more

1 month ago by Bob Labbe.

Patriot Racing Team Is More Than Taking The Checkered Flag

MADISON- As both highly intelligent and exceptionally competitive, the 18-member squad that makes up the Bob Jones Patriot Racing Team enters its seventh season of ... Read more

2 months ago by Bob Labbe.

The Madison Mom Leads Local Mothers With Their Children To Everlasting Memories

MADISON- As with most mothers, Elizabeth Neal has a deep yearning to constantly live experiences with her two children and husband and loves to collect ... Read more

2 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Best Friends-Teammates-Roommates; Davenport And Salter Share Life Together

MADISON- Being new to a community can be a trying time for many youngsters facing new schools and new surroundings while looking to secure new ... Read more

3 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Josh Whitehead- Escapes Death, Returns To Running

MADISON- The recent Memorial Day was a grand time for remembering those who gave their lives for the United States and its freedom. The day ... Read more

4 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Madison Senior Center to learn about Irish Drumming

MADISON – Members of Madison Senior Center can experience some music appreciation in upcoming sessions. Read more

5 months ago by Gregg Parker.

Pandamonium!: Local Hall Of Fame Writer Mark McCarter Chronicles The Birth Of The Rocket City Trash Pandas In New Book

MADISON- Reading books has always been a way of life for Mark McCarter. Matter of fact, on average, he’ll complete the read of a book ... Read more

5 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Andre “Trouble Man” Harris Using Professional Boxing To Be A Better Father

MADISON- The sport of boxing can at times be a brutal exhibition of physical activity that inflicts pain on the participants and challenges even the ... Read more

6 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Latest Inductees in Huntsville-Madison County Athletic Hall Of Fame Have Madison Connection

MADISON- Seven women and five men, along with a team, were elected to the 2022 class of the Huntsville-Madison County Athletic Hall of Fame in ... Read more

6 months ago by Bob Labbe.

James Clemens Football To Provide A Good Night’s Sleep- Annual Mattress Sale Set For May 1

MADISON- Get a good night sleep for a good cause. That’s the message the entire James Clemens football program is expressing as the team is ... Read more

6 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Mike Burt: “Family Coach”

MADISON- Mike Burt is a player’s coach, especially for those players who just happen to be family. Since joining the ranks of a volunteer coach ... Read more

6 months ago by Bob Labbe.

FCA To Host Men’s Huddle With “The Ball Coach”

MADISON- The Northeast Alabama chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is set to host its Kingdom Men’s Huddle on Monday, April 18 at Toyota ... Read more

7 months ago by Bob Labbe.

Husband-Wife Coaches Celebrate Youth Basketball Championship In Battle Of The Sexes

MADISON- The traditional commentary of the family that plays together stays together can be taken one step further as for the husband and wife duo ... Read more

7 months ago by Bob Labbe.

High Tech Home Training Center- Verhage Father/Son Showcase Home Training

MADISON- Having a high-tech training center in your own home is definitely a basis for excellent physical health and even larger plus when you consider ... Read more

9 months ago by Bob Labbe.

‘Lighting of the Soldiers Tree’ honors deployed military and families

MADISON COUNTY – “Lighting of the Soldiers Tree” symbolically show appreciation and concern for deployed military members and remembers their families at home during the ... Read more

9 months ago by Gregg Parker.

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